Case Study - UK Government Agency (Service Sector).

We were asked to develop a way to assess our client's current IT skill levels and to design a re-skilling programme for their IT department. Below is a brief outline of the major 'Before' and 'After' positions of this Lucidus intervention.

Before... Existing Arrangements

  • Our client didn't believe their current personnel were correctly skilled to fulfil roles necessary for organisational growth
  • A disproportionate level of contract staff were being employed - with no real way of assessing their objectives / performances
  • There was a culture that always looked to see what could be done with existing resources - rather than defining, sourcing and costing what was necessary to achieve enhanced business goals
  • Despite trying to tackle problems via initiatives, many of these were not directly focused upon value driver improvement - resulting in little value in actually undertaking these initiatives

After... Lucidus Integrated System

  • Easily operated system that linked skills acquisition cost to business value. In achieving this, all of the following were linked within the Lucidus toolset:
    • Business improvement initiatives
    • Business Value Drivers
    • Departmental responsibilities
    • Corporate improvement initiatives
    • Skills gap
    • Cost to close the Skills gap
    • Cost of late achievement of initiatives
  • In doing this, the following additional benefits were realised:
    • Common single source for strategy articulation
    • Process for aligning all initiatives with business value
    • Benefits tracking and realisation process
    • Mechanism for tracking business responsibilities
    • Integrated management control process
    • Integrated performance management process
    • Potential to control supplier contracts by same mechanism
    • Repeatable mechanism for skills assessment
    • Clear role and job profiles created
    • Contractor performance monitoring
  • Training is now thought of as an asset from which ROI should be tracked through to delivery