Case Study - Canadian Communications Sector

We were asked to provide our Global IT client with a Business Case process to demonstrate the value that would be released from introduction of an enterprise-wide employee portal into their major Canadian customer's enterprise. The end-customer had already commissioned an internationally renowned company to undertake a similar study, but then had been unhappy with outputs. Considerable efforts had also been made by our client to undertake this work themselves - with limited success. Below is a brief outline of the major 'Before' and 'After' positions of this Lucidus intervention.

Before... Existing Position

  • A 50-page business case had been compiled by a highly respected Global IT company for our end customer - but this failed to identify the full net and gross effects upon their business
  • There was no ability to predictively track the value of benefit to be released
  • Staff were finding it increasingly difficult to locate & access relevant documentation for their normal work
  • The amount of information needed by staff was exponentially increasing year-on-year
  • Inappropriate work was undertaken by specialist HR & other professional staff
  • Expensive research information was duplicated across the enterprise
  • Internal sales opportunities were being missed
  • Staff frustrated at not being able to undertake simple tasks themselves

After... Lucidus Value Simulator

  • Fully integrated suite of hierarchical value models detailing precise value impacts (benefits & costs) across the customer's diverse business streams
  • Articulated the business case for the customer in a compelling manner
  • Benefits & costs were logically broken out in the business language of the customer - and then fully validated by them
  • Data and performance assumptions were fully exposed then checked & validated by the customer
  • Because of Lucidus' modelling process & capabilities, complex arguments were able to be explained with great simplicity - and to any level of detailed required by the customer
  • Value release profiles of benefits & costs provided across the lifecycle of the project

Indirect Customer Feedback

The end customer had already tried (and failed) with another IT vendor to obtain a compelling value-based argument for their enterprise-wide employee portal

Indirect Customer Feedback (VP Venture Investments)

  • "It was awesome!!"
  • "The [Lucidus] value model is key to explaining and getting comfortable with the numbers - cannot rely on 'trust me' - we need the model to illustrate the depth and granularity behind the numbers"
  • "....the CEO loves the process"
  • "...the [Lucidus] model is absolutely key to further explanation of the business case"
  • "'s just incredible"

At the beginning of the site visit we were treated with natural caution - by day 10 we were being chauffeured around in the Chairman's Rolls Royce!