Value Lifecycle Management - White Paper

Most organisations invest in the 'idea' of 'value' but not the practical means to assure its delivery.

As you look across your organisation, do you recognise any of these symptoms?

  • A failure to deliver 'Value' in previous projects
  • The absence of a high quality decision-making process for assessing investment potential
  • The absence of high quality processes for managing Change
  • Running multiple major initiatives with the risk of initiative overload
  • Improper sequencing of initiatives
  • No proper integration
  • Initiatives frequently running over time and cost
  • The absence of promised 'Value'
  • Very low levels of investment in Programme and 'Value' management

If you recognise just one of these symptoms, you are at risk of losing 'Value'. If you recognise three or more you are already losing something like 25% of your 'Change' investments.

These symptoms are fuelling the frustrations and tensions that stifle both business-to-business relationships and the relationships between senior executives and their middle managers.

In the case of business-to-business relationships, Sellers are frustrated because they can't translate their value-based solutions into bottom-line profit. Buyers are frustrated because they frequently don't achieve the value they expect from those solutions.

In many large organisations the same dynamic plays - Senior executives broadly know what needs to be achieved by way of improved value generation but are frequently frustrated by a lack of delivery from their middle managers.

Both parties stand on opposite sides of the value-gap and blame each other.

The value gap - the high cost disconnect between value promised and value achieved.

The trouble with 'Value' is that it's invisible. And it remains invisible right up to the point where you have to account for it. Only then will you know whether it has, or has not, been delivered. This is what drives senior executives crazy.

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