Value Based Selling - White Paper

Recognise any of these symptoms?

  • Volatile sales forecasting
  • High percentage of enterprise proposals end in a "no decision" or revert to purchase on lowest price
  • Orders lost to a competitor with "less value"
  • 11th hour discounting puts pressure on margins
  • Able to convincingly quantify only a small portion of your total value
  • High percentage of revenue coming from products rather than total end-to-end enterprise solutions
  • Conviction that 'we are basically doing the right things'
  • Puzzlement as to why 'the right things' aren't working as well as you'd hoped?

If none of these apply to you - stop reading now. If some or all of these symptoms are alive and well in your organisation then you are in the majority and it might just be worth reading on.

Puzzlement is a key word here - it seems as though, no matter what we do to change it, potential customers relentlessly insist on discounting - a situation made worse by the fact that our competitors are willing to do whatever it takes to the win the business.

But we all know that there is only one inevitable outcome from failing to arrest this behaviour - downward spiralling margins.

If the pressure on margins is not to end in a profits slide, and more importantly, if accelerating profitable growth is to be restored or maintained, something profound has to happen to the way in which sales teams think and perform in what is now a new and highly complex sales environment.

The new business battleground is 'sales' not 'product' or 'service'. The key issue now is how you sell not what you sell.

And right here is the key to the puzzle - most sales teams present 'their' company, 'their' products and services and 'their' perception of what those products and services will do for 'their' customer.

On the other side of this potential bargain is a real live breathing customer - and because the customer is real and live and breathing, it is afflicted by all the usual problems that we can imagine and a whole bunch of others that we can't - and the customer needs them fixed!

Problem is that in many cases these problems are complex - so complex that the customer has real difficulty understanding them.

So if your potential customer has difficulty understanding its own problems, guess how well it's going to do when trying to understand your solutions relative to those problems?

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